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My company, RoadOfAwe Art & Media, creates multimedia exhibits, art and culture products, workshops, books, and films.  More about our projects -- and our newsletter -- can be found here. 






Exhibit Openings - 2016-17




Guardians of Spirit, an exhibit exploring the spriitual life of the modern Maya opens at the 211 Gallery Cafe in Bentonville, AR in Fall, 2016, and will be on display until December 3.  More about about this exciting event and our Maya-inspired crafts and gift items are here. 




Still Standing: Vernacular Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks opened at Compton Gardens and Conference Center in Bentonville, AR in 2016 and in Winslow, AR. The exhibit features film-captured photographs and stories collected by historian Beverly Simpson of The Winslow Museum. The show will come to NWA again in Spring, 2017 to launch the book version of the project.  You can learn more and see a short film of the exhibit at the

official website here. 






White River Memoirs has entered its fourth year as a touring exhibit.  It opened at the Lower White River State Park in Des Arc, AR in April, 2016.  Over twenty artists are represented, including Turner Browne, Richard DeSpain and William McNamara. The show will travel to NWA again in 2017 as part of the launch of our book, White River Country. The official show website is here.






A House of Light opened to great fanfare in Little Rock, AR in April, 2016.  The show is now on display at the Historic Arkansas Museum.  The show features 80 original works by floating photographers Hugo and Gayne Preller, who created the largest existing collection of Arkansas Delta photography.  For background information, see the official website here.  A film about the project is here.  The second edition of the exhibit book is now available. This show travels to The Peel Mansion in NWA in February, 2017.


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